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Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center (MSRPAC) is fortunate to receive numerous invitations to participate in local community events. Because of the associated costs of coordinating and running offsite events (including staff time, transportation, supplies, and training), we offer several options depending on the requirements of your event.

  • Free Event: Tabled Event with MSRPAC (no dogs or cats)
  • 1-hour visit or under 25 people $75
  • 2-hour visit or between 25-50 people $100
  • 3-hour visit or between 50-75 people $125
  • More than 3 hours or more than 75 people $200

We are happy to exchange event fees for services or in-kind donations.

*Subject to availability.

Your donation will provide support and give second chances to pets in need. Please review the MSRPAC Media Toolkit for guidelines.


A few things to remember:

We cannot guarantee what dogs we will have onsite at the time of your event.

  • Please be sure to manage the expectations of your event planners, promoters, and attendees. Our Pet Adoption Center primarily has adult, large dogs residing at the facility. This is who you can expect at your event.
  • We ask for a minimum of one month’s notice so that we can adequately staff your event with the appropriate number of staff/volunteers.
  • Adoption events alone do not draw crowds. In order for events to be successful, either a crowd needs to already be present, or marketing needs to be done to create a crowd for adoptions.
  • Dogs do not do well near loud noises or live music. If this applies to your event, please reserve a spot for us away from the live music. 
  • Water and weather play a part in our ability to participate. Our dogs must have easy access to water. Our dogs (and volunteers) cannot be in a sunny/hot area for long periods without shade or water. In addition, extreme temperatures (cold or hot), or storms/rain may prevent us from attending.

Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center appreciates your support and interest in holding an event to benefit homeless animals.