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Is your dog transforming your entire house into his bathroom? Do you find yourself sniffing an odor trail that ends with a puddle on the floor, or a stream cascading down your living room draperies? Dogs that “mark” are having problems that differ from dogs that just aren’t properly house trained. The solution to correcting the marking behavior starts by discovering why.

Case A

  1. If your dog marks major locations such as doorways or corners of furniture…
  2. If your dog marks new objects, such as grocery bags, furniture, or back packs…
  3. If you’re your dog regularly marks his yard or while on walks…

Your dog’s behavior may be "territorial marking." Here are some tips:

  1. First, have your dog examined by your veterinarian. It is wise to first rule out any kind of medical issues.
  2. Have your dog neutered if he is not already.
  3. Clean the area thoroughly with an enzymatic cleaner. These cleaners are found in most pet supply stores. Follow the directions carefully.
  4. Don’t leave new or unfamiliar objects out where you dog can get to them.
  5. Never punish you dog, as punishment probably will make the problem worse.


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