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We’re sharing Reasons to Cheer, as part of our People for Paws membership campaign. By telling the stories of some very special pets who got their second chance and deserve celebrating, we’re hoping to add more members to our People for Paws Program. Monthly giving through the People for Paws Program is an incredibly easy way to support the Pet Adoption Center. On the same day of each month, a tax-deductible amount that you choose will be charged to your credit card or deducted from your bank account. In return, members receive special benefits such as discounts at our Pet Adoption Center Thrift Store and early sign-up for events. You can start your membership with as little as $10 a month. Those who contribute monthly as part of our People for Paws membership program give us the confidence to know we'll have the funding we need to keep making a difference in the lives of homeless pets and give pets like those showcased below a second chance at finding a family.

Dasher and Prancer Silent Night Going Home photo 002

The Holiday Season is Truly Magical.

Our last reason to cheer for the month of January comes from recent adopters, Robin, and her family. This wonderful family were fosters to two lively kittens during our recent Silent Night event. Robin shared with us that when they saw promotion of the event, she knew immediately that she wanted her family to participate in the cause. So, they opened their home to a homeless pet to share their love during the holidays.

Soon it was time for the family to pick up their Silent Night foster pet. When they arrived, the family was surprised to learn that instead of fostering just one kitten, they would be fostering two – a delightful set of siblings named Dasher and Prancer. These two kittens were treated to lots of love, play-time, and adventures while their foster family shared pics and videos with friends and family, hoping to find them homes.

As it turns out, Dasher and Prancer had found their home – it was with their foster family. During their Silent Night stay, the family had become quite fond of the pair. The family had recently lost a pet, and the high-energy kitten-antics were a welcome distraction.

The family says they are taking great pride in raising the kitten duo; sharing all that the world has to offer them and introducing them to their new home. Robin stated that Dasher and Prancer “are a joy to have and them coming into their lives was really a blessing in disguise.”

Thank you to this amazing family for providing an ever-lasting gift to Dasher and Prancer and thank you for giving us another reason to cheer. 

 Olive with her humans

Olive is a Star - Her New Family Helps Her Shine.

Olive arrived at the Pet Adoption Center at the end of August. With her good looks and playful personality, we just knew that she’d be adopted quickly. However, Olive was shy and a bit bashful when in her kennel, and potential adopters passed her by over and over again. 

Around the same time that we all met Olive, Christian and Bianca began thinking about adopting a dog. They looked into the Riverside Rovers programs as well as the process to adopt. They weren’t sure if adopting would be a good idea, as they were worried about getting a dog home and then learning they were not a good match. 

As we amped up our promotion of some long-stay dogs and our new Silent Night event, Christian and Bianca took notice. The young couple saw a video of Olive playing ball and were struck by her happiness and joy she exuded. After watching Olive, and learning she had been with us for a few months, they felt it in their hearts that volunteering to foster for Silent Night was what they should do. The Silent Night event allowed Christian and Bianca to temporarily foster a pet over the holidays. This appealed to the couple as all supplies were provided and the commitment was minimal.

The two picked up Olive on a Tuesday evening and were excited, and maybe a little nervous to see what life with Olive would be like. As instructions were given and a Silent Night photo was taken, Bianca stated, “I hope she likes us.” It didn’t take long for Olive’s fosters to become her adopters, as they quickly realized life with Olive is wonderful. They shared that “Olive is wonderful! We are so happy that she is part of our family.” 

We’re delighted to know that offering the ability to foster Olive allowed this lovely couple to meet a very special dog, who had been waiting for almost four months to meet her new family. When we asked Bianca to share more about Olive’s adoption, she said, “I think she is happy here with us; she seems to like us.” We couldn’t agree more and thank you for giving us another reason to cheer. 

Golden being lifted can see scar

Cheering for Golden - Celebrating His Inspirational Story 

Thankfully, one of our partnering veterinary hospitals was able to fit him in and save his life. Golden underwent surgery the day after he was accepted into our Pet Adoption Center. We are happy to report that the surgery went well and Golden is now recovering in a foster home. He’s resting as needed and is scheduled to come in for his staple removal and additional follow-ups until he is healthy enough to be adopted. We are able to help pets like Golden thanks to the support we receive from our donors.Meet our Golden Boy - Golden. This adorable little ball of fluff just turned 3-months old. He was named in honor of Golden Girl, Betty White, because like Betty, this curly-haired blonde cutie brings immediate joy to your day without even trying. However, despite his warm smile and wet-nosed kisses, it was clear something was wrong when he first arrived. After being examined by a vet, we learned that Golden had been struck by a car and was suffering from a collapsed lung and a herniated diaphragm, requiring immediate surgery.

His $4000 surgery and all additional aftercare were covered by our Noah's Fund, individual donations, and those who are People for Paws members. His foster shared with us that Golden is doing well, recovering in a comfy home environment, and maybe even being a bit spoiled. We are thankful for his surgeon, his foster, and every single one of our supporters and donors. It is because of you all that we have this happy and inspiring story to share.

If you'd like to make a gift that lasts the whole year with a recurring monthly donation, consider becoming a People for Paws member. Those who contribute monthly as part of this membership program give us the confidence to know we'll have the funding we need to keep making a difference in the lives of homeless pets. Having the ability to save orphaned pets and pets that need medical help are definitely reasons to cheer!

We feel honored that we could provide this little Golden Boy with a second chance and the ability to continue sharing his light with the world. We can’t wait to see what big things this little guy will be a part of. Thank you for helping us in whatever way you can. On behalf of all the wonderful pets we serve, we are grateful for your support.

Missy happy at home smiling outside 1

Cheering for Missy and the Love She Received and Gave

It’s no secret pets bring joy and love into our lives. At the Pet Adoption Center, we receive pets of all different ages, from playful puppies and kittens to mellow and more mature cats and dogs. Although all pets deserve a spotlight and a reason to cheer, today we are shedding some light on seniors. In 2020, Denise and Mario were looking for a senior dog that could accompany Denise on her weekly visits to her mother’s house. After a bit of searching, Denise found Missy on our website. This special gal’s personality shone though on her profile pictures, and Denise knew she had found what she had been looking for. She quickly messaged her husband the link saying, “I love her.” His response of, “Let’s go get her,” started the process of adding Missy to their family. Denise and Mario met sweet Missy and adopted her, explaining “it was love at first sight!”

The couple was excited to bring Missy home to meet their 6yr old dog and 12yr old cat, hoping they’d bond as well. While in her new home, Missy’s personality came out more and the newly adopted 11yr old was happy to have a family to share all the love she had to give. Missy got to show off her beautiful smile while doing some of her favorite things, including watching the neighborhood from the front door, following Denise from room to room, or hanging outside in the grass. Additionally, Missy was the perfect travel companion for Denise’s visits to see her mom; Missy was always well behaved, and mellow – truly an older soul with a gentle heart.

Despite her senior status, Missy always walked tall and proud, and loved strolling to the nearby park or casually cruising around the neighborhood. The photogenic gal with the “prettiest smile” was the perfect match for Denise and Mario and thrived in their care, receiving lots of good food, nourishing vitamins, and plenty of love. Missy accepted every new family member or friend she met.

Soon after Missy was adopted, she was diagnosed with cancer. Her new family made sure she was on the best preventative medicine and gave her all the care she needed. Unfortunately, in December of 2021, Denise and Mario had to say goodbye to their big, beautiful gal. Even with the heartbreak they are experiencing Denise says they are thankful for every day they had with Missy. Denise shared with us, “Missy did not ask for much. She was just happy to be with us, to have a home and family, and most of all love. She gave us so much love, more love that I have ever felt from any dog in my life.”

When Denise let us know of Missy’s passing, we reached out to her, expressing our condolences and thanking her and Mario for the love they gave to Missy. Denise agreed to allow us to share their beautiful story of their life with Missy. She added, “To anyone considering a senior adoption, it is a wonderful experience to provide love and care to an older pet in need. The love they give back is more than you might imagine. Give a senior a second chance and you might just find your perfect match. And that is definitely a ‘Reason to Cheer!’”

We are thankful to Denise and Mario for giving Missy the second chance she deserved. We are cheering and celebrating the love shared between Missy and her family and for the imprint Missy left on all who were graced by her loving eyes, kind heart, and lovely smile.