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Girl Scout Patch Programs

There are four levels of patches for girls to earn: Daisy, Brownie, Junior, and Cadette. At each level, the girls do a number of fun educational activities to learn about pets. Safety around animals, the needs of pets, pet overpopulation, and the importance of having proper identification on pets are just a few of the subjects the girls learn about.

Troop Leaders, you may download the Leaders Guides by clicking on the links below:

 Daisy Patch

Daisy Level objectives:

  • Practice proper safety procedures when meeting a new dog and be able to read their body language.
  • Understand what the term “protect” means and give examples of what a pet can protect.  
  • Learn how to properly hold a puppy or kitten.
  • Distinguish what is a pet and identify where pets and wild animals should live.
 Brownie Patch

Brownie Level objectives:

  • Learn different foods that are poisonous to dogs.
  • Show and explain items that pets require in order to stay healthy and happy.
  • Learn different ways to stay safe around dogs by following the dos and don’ts sheet.
  • Compare common traits they share with humans.
 Junior Patch

Junior Level objectives:

  • Describe different examples of a dog’s body language.
  • Discover the importance of identifications and what steps to take when a pet is missing.
  • Calculate the cost of owning a pet and learn the importance of having pet friendly toys.
  • Create a first aid kit and learn the importance of caring for pets to prevent harmful diseases.
  • Discuss what makes a pet a “good citizen” in Riverside County.
  • Identify the difference between pets and wildlife.
 Cadette Patch

Cadettes objectives:

  • Calculate how many pets your family would need to care for to prevent overpopulation.
  • Differentiate facts about cats and dogs.  
  • Provide suggestions and/or resources to owners that can no longer take care of their pet(s).
  • Compare and contrast Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center and Riverside County Department of Animal Service.
  • Determine what kind of pet may be best suited for people and their life style.
  • Learn what is a puppy mill and educate others on the importance of stopping puppy mills.

Once your troop has completed the required activities, please reach out to schedule your tour and submit a waiver for each scoout to complete the Fun Patch Program.

Request Tour (minimum of 5 scouts are required to enroll in the program)

Leader Guides

Daisy Level

Brownie Level

Junior Level

Cadette Level

For addtional questions, please contact our Humane Educator at  or call 951-688-4340 ext 3325.