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Foster parents are priceless resources that enable us to offer a second chance to not only underage kittens, but also to puppies, injured pets needing special care, and adult animals needing more socialization and time away from the Center. Foster parents, like you, are the reason we are able to offer these pets needing specialized care the opportunity to live a long, healthy, and happy life.

Foster a Dog or Puppy 

Foster a Cat or Kitten

What is a foster parent?

Pet Foster Parents volunteer their time to care for animals, not yet ready for adoption, in their home. Fostering offers an animal a safe, less stressful environment to grow, gain social skills, or heal.

Why Foster?

  • You are saving precious lives! The more foster homes we have the more cats, dogs, puppies, and kittens we can save.
  • It feels great to watch the timid puppy or kitty become a confident and happy companion who will make a wonderful family pet.
  • Most animal lovers know the importance of spaying and neutering. If you foster, you can enjoy the delight of entertaining kittens and puppies without contributing to the pet overpopulation.
  • It's an entertaining family activity that teaches compassion and responsibility.
  • If you love pets, but can't commit permanently to a dog or cat, fostering may be the perfect solution.

What type of pets need foster care?

  • Underage puppies or kittens
  • Pregnant animals or mothers with a litter
  • Injured or ill pets
  • Animals needing additional socialization or those that would be more comfortable in a home setting

How long do I need to foster for?

Foster parents and foster animals are matched up based upon your availability and preferences.

What are the expenses for a foster parent?

Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center provides all the needed supplies such as food, litter, bedding, toys and medical care. Foster parents are responsible for transporting their pets to and from the center for medical care.

What is required to become a foster parent?

Fill out a foster interest form and meet with the Foster Care Coordinator.

Become a Foster Parent!

More Questions? Contact our Foster Coordinator at  or 951-344-4758 or check out our foster resource page.